Photographer Customizes Helicam for 7D

Texas-based videographer, Eric AUSTIN put together his own radio-controlled mini helicopter to carry his Canon 7D for shooting low altitude aerial videos.

The mini copter runs on an electric motor and offers a surprisingly smooth ride.

Needless to say, he says, “Crashing is not an option.”

(via Planet 5D)

  • lowercased

    pretty awesome, but he needs some sort of steady cam system built in. the video is too shakey for most uses… it almost looks like someone really tall doing handheld video. though i am sure you could remove some of the shake in post too.

  • hvision

    There are plenty such gyro-stabilized Helicam sort of solutions out there. One example for all: AERICAM 3 AXIS CAMERA MOUNTby AeriCam:

  • joe ekine

    Wow, a great way to shoot movies as long as you know how to control the heli safely. ^^