Wedding Photographer Doing Forensics

What would happen if you hired a wedding photographer to assist with forensics at a crime scene? British show School of Comedy explores this scenario in this charming little sketch.

(via Scott Wyden Imagery)

  • GlynDewis

    Now that's funny. Love how he has all the cliche sayings.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • webab

    Very very funny :-)

  • Kyle Tunney

    haha brilliant, thanks for sharing!

  • chrisvongsawat

    I love how they just start doing what he's saying even though they think it's weird.

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  • azframe

    I think the photographer looks kind of like Doug Gordon as a child. and certainly has his mannerisms.

  • dickbolt

    Great, from one who was a wedding photographer back in 60s! Hi
    He could have added a booteneer. asked someone to pose as bride.