London Gallery to Showcase Flickr Photos

theprintspace, a photo gallery in London, has announced a summer group exhibition comprised entirely of Flickr photographs, allowing up-and-coming photographers a chance on the big scene.

Four photographs will be selected each month from theprintspace’s Flickr pool by a different industry professional. The guest judge for March, World Press Photography Award-winning photojournalist Laura Pannack, says,

This is a fantastic opportunity for photographers to have their work exhibited and brilliant that theprintspace is lending its space to the best of amateur photography on Flickr. The lack of restrictions on the competition opens up a world of diverse photography, from photographers of all ages, with no distinct theme or genre. We can look forward to discovering some hidden gems.

If you’ve never had work shown in a gallery before, why not give this a shot?

(via PhotographyBLOG)

  • LukaM

    Sounds interesting. The chances of getting picked are probably the same as winning the lottery though :)

  • Michael Zhang

    Well, there's only a few hundred members of the group right now, so I would say if you're good you have a slightly better shot than that ;-)

  • LukaM

    “If you're good” is actually an illusion :) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember :D

  • demosthien

    Bristol, UK flickr group Is currently holding an exhibition of work by flickr members. It's called flickLgraphique, details are here;