PMA 2010: Sony Showcases New Alpha Concept Models

PMA is off to a hot start down in Anaheim, Calif., with Sony announcing a new line of bodies and lenses, aiming to assert itself in the DSLR + video market thus far dominated by Nikon and Canon.

In a brief press conference this morning before the doors to PMA’s massive exhibit floors opened to the public, Sony announced prototype DSLR bodies and lenses that they aim to release this year.

Emphasizing the user-friendly presets on Sony cameras such as its auto HDR mode, Sony showed off a concept model of the compact α (alpha) Micro Four Thirds-DSLR hybrid that they hope will make the DSLR more accessible to a larger audience.  Additionally, the new compact  camera bodies (pictured below) are about the size of point-and-shoots, but have interchangeable lenses.

Additionally, a new Alpha A700 replacement body employs their Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, which provides full AVCHD video capability:

Sony also showed off a few prototype lens models, including the Super Telephoto Superzoom 500mm f4 and the Distagon T 24mm f2 ZA SSM, new Carl Zeiss wide angle lens.

  • Fubar

    That are NOT DSLR cameras.

  • skyshyne

    Can't wait to try that A700… not really impressed about the new models they seem to be Olympus PEN alike, but is interesting the auto HDR mode.. we will see ;)

  • mitchellhamilton

    I was under the impression that Sony was deliberately NOT using m4/3 lenses, have they changed their mind?

  • JessicaLum

    They announced a new line of interchangeable lenses compatible with their ultra compact bodies– basically to make the micro 4/3 more similar to DSLR. So you'll see in the first product image above, there's the compact body with 2 different lenses and one with just the sensor exposed.
    It's more accurate to label these bodies as hybrids (which I've added above), because they're sort of a cross between micro 4/3 in the way their bodies are designed, but they've got a DSLR level sensor and have interchangeable lenses.