Hasselblad H4D-40 Camera Unveiled

At the beginning of the week, Hasselblad announced the H4D-40 medium format DSLR, and stated the camera would be unveiled next week at the February 10th worldwide launch. Well, details of the camera were leaked onto the Internet, leading Hasselblad to lift the February 9th embargo it had request. Today Hasselblad officially released photos and features of the new camera.

The 40 megapixel camera will cost $19,995, includes a lens and viewfinder, and is meant to compete with the Leica S2 (a 37.5MP medium format camera in a 35mm style body). In their press release today, Hasselblad CEO Larry Hansen states,

Most high-end photographers understand the advantages that a medium format system has over smaller formats, but many younger photographers have never been exposed to larger format photography.

Hmmm… Many younger photographers have never been exposed to $19,995 cameras either.

(via Amateur Photographer)

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  • josh_avm

    i wonder how many young photogs have 20k just lying around

  • Stageshotz


  • Stageshotz

    drooling over this camera

  • Andrew Doran

    Ah Hassy,

    A state of the art camera announced with the standard old school mediocre studio shot on plexiglass. SO cutting edge! Come on guys, at least make a little effort.

  • brendunn

    There are probably not that many professional photographers with $20k to spare these days :-)
    It would be interesting to know how many here use medium format on a regular basis. Would I buy a H4D-40 ? I think I would rather upgrade existing equipment that I do use regularly. Cheers all. Bren

  • artripoli

    If I had 20k to spend on camera gear… I don't think I'd jump for this. As much as I would love to make the jump to medium format photography, I think with 20k I'd be buying lighting equipment in bulk and a d3x or d3s or both, and a trip to somewhere fun.

  • irene jones

    I'm still in my 20's (barely) and shot medium format, (film) in college at the turn of the century and I find this so sexy. I'm probably more turned on by the thought of holding this camera then I have been with my husband for weeks. Sorry hon, it's true. But since my studio doesn't pull down 6 figures yet, and he does, I'm going to stick with my nikons for the moment. For half the price I could get a Mamiya though….

  • marc

    I would love to talk to Hasselblad's marketing dept and ask them what makes them think that $20k is an appropriate price point for “younger photographers”.

  • j

    why does it look like something from the times of robocop?
    (for that price, i'd choose film and hire a professional developer, much better than 20,000 just for the camera)

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  • jan

    people buy Leica M9's and lenses, Canon 1D's and 5D's with lenses… I have no idea who can afford those! So it's not a stretch for me to believe a young photographer or pro will buy one.
    FWIW: These guys don't come here for market research prior to producing a camera like this.

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