Articulating Screens on New Canon DSLRs

Canon doesn’t seem to want Nikon to have all the fun with articulating LCD screens. After Nikon included such a screen on D5000 back in April of 2009, Canon seems to be ready to embrace the feature in its own DSLRs.

According to a member of Israeli forum, Canon’s next prosumer and entry level DSLRs, the 60D and 550D/600D, will both have articulating screens and begin shipping in May. If you’re not sure what an articulating screen is, here’s what it looks like on the Nikon D5000:

Here’s a full list of specs that were posted:

60D Specs
– Articulating screen
– Metal body, similar To 50D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p/1080p Video at 30fps
– Electronic Level
– New battery & battery grip
– Price about $1190

550D/600D Specs
– Articulating screen
– Body smaller than 500D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p Video at 30fps
– Price about $799

Do the specs seem realistic? What are your thoughts on the possibility of articulating screens being introduced into the Canon line?

(via Canon Rumors)

  • David

    I never use live view, so that would not be helpful. If I wanted to take a picture at an angle, then I would get a 90 degree viewfinder attachment. I do wish I could send in my soon to be old camera to be upgraded to video.

  • Dave

    Live view focusing is TERRIBLE but almost every day I wish my D90 had one so I could shoot waist level.

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