The Mystery of Disappearing Canon Lenses

As Canon Rumors reported two days ago, a large number of lenses have completely disappeared from the Canon USA website. What made the story even more interesting was the fact that many of the missing lenses were among Canon’s most popular and highly acclaimed, and lenses about which upgrade rumors have been circulating for a long time.

These include the 24-70mm f2.8L, a lens that might soon be upgraded to a Image Stabilized (IS) Mark II version in the very near future.

However, The-Digital-Picture just reported today that,

Canon USA has “… identified the issue and will have it fixed as soon as possible”.

What do you think? Was this simply a technical glitch, or is Canon getting ready for a major announcement?

Keep in mind that numerous sites have reported that Canon has two announcements planned for January 5th (tomorrow) and January 9th (Saturday), in line with consumer technology tradeshow CES.

(via Canon Rumors)

Update: B&H has an event on the 5th called “Discover Canon’s High-end Pro Lenses Presented by Canon“. Wonder if this is related… (thx @Krypty)

  • Bergur

    Woah! This is interesting!

    I'm guessing the rest will soon disappear and Canon will completely stop making anything but printers and P&S cameras :)

  • Justin Van Leeuwen

    I've been telling my mom that the 70-200 f/2.8 L IS is due for a replacement – integrating new IS tech – soon. Especially with Nikon's latest release last year.

    The Canon lags behind with a mere 2 stop IS where the f/4L has 4 stops and their upgraded Hybrid IS as seen in the 100 mm f/2.8 L IS Macro late last year.

    That would make the most SENSE to me – the 24-70 has had IS rumblings forever too. I own the 24-70 and wouldn't want to see more weight (IS) added and can hand-hold it pretty well already but if it's what will sell lenses then why not – get yer upgrades Canon!

  • Kathleen

    Let's get the 50mm f/1.0L back!

  • Dave K

    Who cares what a second rate photocopier company does with their toy camera line?

    I kid I kid! I even own two Canons!

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