So You Wanna Do HDR? Photomatix Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway has ended, and the randomly selected winners were posted here. Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is really interesting, and is mentioned a lot these days. Some people love it, while other hate it. Whatever camp you’re in, I would still recommend that you at least try it out, since I believe you actually learn the most in photography from experimentation.

Here’s an HDR photograph I took in 2008 of the Campanile on the UC Berkeley campus:


It’s composed of two photographs that I took without a tripod, and was created using Photomatix by HDRsoft. It seems like everyone these days is using Photomatix for their HDR work, and if you’ve heard of HDR, you’ve probably also heard of Photomatix.

Well today, I’m giving away two (2) copies of Photomatix Pro Plus, each worth $119. This bundle includes not only the standalone program, but also plugins for Photoshop, Lighroom, and Aperture. Of course, feel free to downgrade to one of the individual packages if this much software is overwhelming.

Entering this contest is simple. All you need to do is answer the following question:

Who is your favorite photographer?

Any photographer is okay, though try not to say it’s yourself. Links are definitely encouraged if the photographer is modern enough to have a website!

There are two ways you can send your answer to me, and feel free to use both methods for double the chance to win! You can…

  1. Leave a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your answer to @petapixel on Twitter

Winners will be randomly picked and announced in a week on the evening of July 18th, 2009.

Good luck!

If you’d like to view more examples of what you can do with Photomatix, check out the Photomatix group on Flickr, and to learn how to actually do HDR photography, try reading this tutorial by Trey Ratcliff on Stuck in Customs.

Another tip: If you include a link in your tweet back to this post, your tweet will automatically show up below the comments section, allowing you to share your answer not only with me, but with PetaPixel readers as well!

  • facebook-4203563

    Walker Evans would be mine.

  • Robert Bockenkamp

    I have to go back to old school and say my favorite is Ansel Adams. Mostly love his B&W work that seems to truly bring out the soul of every shot. His thought process and the amount of time he took to get the perfect shot (in his mind) sat a standard that is or should be followed today. I fully appreciate any photographer that is passionate about the shot they want but for me I have always admired Ansel.

  • kalebdf

    Favorite Photographer is Matthew Crawford

  • ryanclaunch
  • Chris Langford

    Florian Ritter. I love his landscapes best, but his people pictures are excellent, too.

  • fanglord

    Florian Ritter. I love his landscapes best.

  • Ben Short

    It'd have to be Peter Dombrovski. His work in Landscape photography has HDR-like qualities back in the days of film, using his Large format camera.

  • Cole
  • roozbeh

    My favorite photographer is Chao Zhang!

  • Michael

    Recent favorite is Bernardo Borghetti

    PS: Great website! Keep up the great work.

  • ron

    my favorite photographer is andrew houser:

  • Lonnie Long

    My favorite photographer is Sally Mann,

  • davewolanski

    My favorite photographers are the one's out there teaching me how to get better. In no particular order, Dave Hobby, Becker, Joe McNally, Scott Kelby and David Arias are all winners. If I had to say just one then Dave Hobby lit the fire for me most. But just barely.

  • Alan Root

    Weegee holed himself up in a tiny New York space from which he raced, press camera in hand, to the scene of the action after his police radio told him something visually arresting had happened or was about to happen.
    you will discover a creative eccentric who might not be personally attractive to some but nevertheless left a lasting lesson to shutterbugs of what can happen when you look inward with a photographic scalpel then project the sensational outward to a watching world.

  • lstiller

    one of my favorites is Jasmine Star

  • Josh Mikow

    Ansel Adams is who really got me interested in photography. His amazing photographs considering the technology at the time really take me back when seeing how well his photos were composed and produced.

    Now I carry my camera with me everywhere I go. I've also enjoyed many artists on the JPG Magazine site. It's great inspiration to see what the non-professionals are trying out there.

  • facebook-608244871

    While I've always been an Ansel Adams fans, Arny Freytag's work isn't bad either. ;)

  • EmigrantMtChris

    I like Craig Hergert's work. He's local to me, and takes excellent panoramas.

  • sudheer1

    My Favorite photographer is Chris Orwig.

  • T. Foster

    My favorite photographer is Walker Evans. He managed to capture every wrinkle.

  • caserichard

    So much great photography out there now. I have loved learning about your site! I've always quite enjoyed Galen Rowel's work, though I imagine I will be learning of a great many new names to follow. Thank you!

  • Maris

    My favourite photographer is an estonian photographer Annika Metsla.

  • JohnnyStone

    Well… It's very difficult to point out THE favourite photographer. I specially enjoy the work of José Luís Mendes, Portuguese Photographer.

  • pmcmanus

    One of my favorite photographers right now is Richard Renaldi. Amazing portraits with the 8×10!

  • andré carvalho

    my favorite photographers is rankin

  • peter j

    My favorite photographer is jasmine star

  • jimpiccolo
  • Seetroll

    Everyone admires Ansel Adams, so do I. Learned a lot in terms of Photoshop from Scott Kelby, but what I do most is landscape photography, so my favourite photographer is Galen Rowell.

  • abaloo

    My favorite photographer is Erika Kaiser from Budapest, Hungary –

  • pjoyce

    One of my favourites is Nuri Bilge Ceylan and his work can be seen here -> He has some great storytelling images.

    I've not delved into HDR yet so here's hoping I win something

  • Robert_B

    My favourite photographer is Sam Javanrou at Daily Dose of Imagery. He shows my hometown, Toronto, in ways I've never looked at it before and makes me want to move back.

  • Robert_B

    My favourite photographer at the moment is Sam Javanrouh of Daily Dose of Imagery. He shows me my hometown, Toronto, in a light I haven't experienced before, and has sparked a strong desire to move back and live there.

  • marluc

    My favourite photographer is Don Ellis –

  • Michael Zhang

    Alrighty =)

  • Jonathan Taylor
  • hangten10
  • Lidia Templeman Twells

    I've recently discovered this amazing landscape photographer, his name is CHRISTIAN FLETCHER- the stuff he does with his camera is amazing! And to think that he is self-taught! you can find his work at

  • facebook-1437398032

    I have two favorites – Mario Jean at

    and Trey Ratcliff at

  • Chris Lenfest

    I’m a big fan of Jasmine Star.

  • Chris Lenfest

    I’m a big fan of Jasmine Star.

  • susjustjake

    I don't know who my favorite is. I do like Sally Mann. I think I go shot by shot. Heck sometimes i am my favorite!

  • Jacob W Crosby

    I am going to have to vote for Trey Ratcliff. <a href=””Stuck In Customs is an amazing site, and the tutorials are priceless, as well as his ability to be engaging in a relatively (at times) dull subject for me.

  • dontblink

    Has always been Ansel Adams.

  • thewallbanger

    My favorite photographer at the moment is Tommy Oshima from Tokyo. Lots of great analog film and vintage cameras.

  • Adrian

    Galen Rowell for me I think:

  • June J

    my favorite photographer is Won Jang (icarru)
    his page is
    i just really like his usage of models :)

  • nigelhardy

    Favourite for me has to be Dan Chung –

    Just really hard hitting photojournalism shots, can paint a whole story with everything i've seen…just love his work..


  • Cliff Johnson

    I love Sam Javanrouh. I don't know of any other photographer that can take a picture every day and still have it be so interesting.

  • tripleman

    I've always loved Ernst Haas' work.

    Really starting to appreciate Cartier-Bresson now.

  • Christy

    My favorite photographer at the moment is Scout at