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Streetwalker Backpack Winner

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Wow… I’m pretty surprised at how popular this past week’s Streetwalker giveaway was. Over this past week we received 510 entries, with 230 comments and 280 tweets. To put that into perspective, the most responses for a giveaway prior to this one was 191 (when we gave away two Photomatix licenses).

To pick a winner, I assign each entry with a number, and use random.org to randomly select one entry. Using this method, we found the winner of a Streetwalker backpack to be:

#144: Kerry (birchblazephotography.com)

I think it would be amazing to photograph the Country of Bhutan, it’s supposed to be one of the happiest in the world, and it’s very beautiful as well!

Congratulations Kerry! I hope you enjoy your new camera backpack.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s giveaway. Be sure to check back again soon, as we have some pretty awesome stuff lined up to be given away…

I also really enjoyed reading all of your responses. Here are some of them:


Well, not so down to Earth speaking, in the broader sense of the word ‘world’, I’d really go and photograph the Universe, if one could only explore it. Think of all the nebulas, alien planets, and other unseen phenomena. Could result in quite some awesome photos.

On a more down to Earth tone, i’d make a one year (or more years, however long it takes), of all the world’s national parks. That could also result in quite some awesome photographs.


Martin (time2shoot.com):

It might sound strange for some, but I wish I could capture the life of the people of North Korea and show the world how life is over there.

4strinbass (@4strinbass):

My dream place to photograph would be the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean, want to get nite style shots of glowing fish

simonhucko (@simonhucko):

how about anywhere over the earth? i’d love to go up to the ISS with a camera

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