Vine is Stayin’ Alive as an App Called Vine Camera

Twitter announced back in October 2016 that it would be shuttering Vine, its 6-second video sharing service. If you're a faithful Vine user who wants Vine to live on, there's good news for you now: some parts of Vine will live on as an app called Vine Camera.

Twitter Killing Off Vine: Goodbye Six-Second Videos

After being acquired by Twitter in 2012 and launching to the public in 2013, Vine became a pioneer of the idea of sharing short videos socially. Now its famous 6-second video loops are coming to an end: Twitter announced today that it's discontinuing the Vine mobile app.

Vine Adds Android Front Camera Support as Use Dips Due to Instagram Video

One of the hashtags that made its way around the Internet after Instagram video was announced last week was #RIPVine. That, of course, was referencing Twitter's 6-second looping video app that many believed would now be brought low by Instagram's new 15-second capabilities.

Unfortunately for Twitter, recent statistics seem to confirm this belief, even as Vine fights back by adding more features.

Cloudee: An App for Sharing Those Long-Lost Videos on Your iPhone

Just like point-and-shoots, the camcorder market was also hit hard by the advent of good-quality smartphone cameras. For the average person, all the home video capability they might ever need can now be found in, say, their iPhone. The only problem with that -- besides a higher susceptibility to Vertical Video Syndrome -- is that the videos you take on your smartphone rarely leave your smartphone.