Google Buys Photographer’s Shot of Seagull Chomping on a Fry

You never know when one of your photos may catch the eye of one of the largest companies in the world, but social media services these days help bridge the gap between photographers and brands. That's how one amateur photographer recently caught Google's eye with a snapshot of a seagull eating a fry.

Woman Captures Seagull Stealing $22 Lobster Roll From Her Hand

Pepperdine sports law professor Alicia Jessop was visiting Maine from California recently when she stopped by a popular tourist destination for a lobster roll. When she held out the roll to take a picture of it, a seagull swooped in at the exact moment Jessop pressed the shutter.

Seagull Grabs GoPro and Helps Tourist Capture Aerial Shots of the Coastline

If you'd like to shoot some aerial images but don't have a drone or balloon handy, see if you can get a seagull to help you out. German Martin Lozano tourist was visiting the Cies Islands off the coast of Spain recently when a seagull grabbed his GoPro, flew away, shot some breathtaking views of the coastline, and then flew back to return the camera. Everything was captured in the 1-minute video above.