Photos Deserve the Digital Protections That Are Standard Elsewhere

Digital rights ownership and control are at the heart of a losing battle that photographers have been fighting for decades. One of the interesting, but overlooked, offshoots of the NFT craze is a technical one: the capability that underscores the value of an NFT is the ability to sign and authenticate it.

The State of Photo Theft in 2016

The folks over at the image tracking service Pixsy have released an infographic about the state of photo theft in 2016. As 64% of you have personally experienced, photo theft remains a serious and widespread problem in our digital age.

What Do You Do When ISIS Steals Your Photo?

The Internet is teeming with copyright infringement these days, and there are various ways for photographers to get stolen photos taken down and paid for by the offenders. But what happens when the offender is a UN-designated terrorist organization?

That's a real situation that photographer Brian McCarty found himself with earlier this year. Known for his photos involving children's toys, McCarty found that ISIS had stolen and repurposed one of his toy photos for their propaganda.