Light Built a Phone with 9 Cameras

Light's groundbreaking L16 camera generated a great deal of excitement over its 16-camera design, but early reviews have largely fallen short of the hype. The company is pushing full speed ahead, though, and will reportedly be unveiling a first-of-its-kind smartphone that has as many as 9 cameras on the back.

Review: The Light L16 is Brilliant… and Braindead

On Oct 8, 2015, a completely unknown company announced a new camera which promised to change how we think about photography: "The L16 combines breakthrough optics design with never-before-seen imaging technology to bring you the camera of the future."

Light Raises $30M to Bring Its 52MP, 16-Aperture Camera to Market

When Light unveiled its revolutionary L16 multi-aperture computational camera in October 2015, people were so excited by the device that the company blew past its first month sales goal in the first two days. Today the company announced that it has just raised $30 million in funding to change the way people take pictures.

Light CEO Dave Grannan on the New L16 Camera

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Last Thursday, the startup Light unveiled the new L16, an innovative compact camera that uses 16 separate camera modules to offer 35-150mm optical zoom, 52MP photos, and 4K video recording when it hits stores in September 2016 for $1,699.

Blogger Robert Scoble caught up with Light CEO Dave Grannan the day of the announcement and recorded the 8-minute video above in which Grannan shows off his company's new camera and delivers his elevator pitch for why the camera will change the photographic landscape.

Light L16 is a Point-and-Shoot That Packs 16 Cameras for 52MP Photos

The stealthy camera startup Light today announced a revolutionary new point-and-shoot camera that aims to transform the way we think about cameras. Called the L16, it packs 16 separate cameras across its surface that simultaneously expose photos at different focal lengths. The resulting images are combined into high-resolution, 52-megapixel photos.