Light CEO Dave Grannan on the New L16 Camera

Holy Thomas Hawk, Trey Ratcliff, Karen Hutton, and Scott Jarvie does this new camera blow your mind?DSLRs just got very lame.Learn more at http://light.coWow. $1,299 coming next summer.Here Dave Grannan, CEO and cofounder, gives me a first look.

Posted by Robert Scoble on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last Thursday, the startup Light unveiled the new L16, an innovative compact camera that uses 16 separate camera modules to offer 35-150mm optical zoom, 52MP photos, and 4K video recording when it hits stores in September 2016 for $1,699.

Blogger Robert Scoble caught up with Light CEO Dave Grannan the day of the announcement and recorded the 8-minute video above in which Grannan shows off his company’s new camera and delivers his elevator pitch for why the camera will change the photographic landscape.


It seems the L16’s announcement was a hit. Grannan revealed this week that they blew past their first month’s pre-order sales goal in just 2 days. There are so many orders now that Light is adjusting its shipping forecast — orders placed after midnight tonight won’t arrive until Autumn 2016. Impressive.

People are jumping on the discounted pre-order price of $1,299 even before any reviews of the camera have been published.