Try Tossing Your GoPro in the Air to Capture Awesome Group Shots at the Beach

The photo above was taken by Nathaniel Jude Heres (who goes by the Reddit username cuddymonster) and it might just turn out to be the next fun group photo trend. Rather than taking a standard beach shot or the nearly-impossible-to-get-everyone-in-the-shot group selfie, just toss your GoPro in the air and hope for the best!

Fixed Camera Stands Help Tourists Snap Photos of Themselves

Having to ask someone to take your or your group's picture can be an awkward experience for everyone involved (including the photographer). And although there are apps that will re-insert the photographer digitally, an ingenious little addition to the tourist island of Enoshima takes a significantly more "analog" approach at fixing the problem.

Groopic Combines Multiple Group Shots So the Photographer is Never Left Out

You might have run into this problem before: you're out with a group of friends and someone suggests a group shot. At this point, as the resident photographer of the group, several smartphones will probably be passed your way, leading to several good photos, all of them missing you.

You could always ask a stranger to take the group photo, but the picture might not turn out right and you might prefer avoiding that interaction altogether. Thankfully, with Groopic, now you can.