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Groopic Combines Multiple Group Shots So the Photographer is Never Left Out



You might have run into this problem before: you’re out with a group of friends and someone suggests a group shot. At this point, as the resident photographer of the group, several smartphones will probably be passed your way, leading to several good photos, all of them missing you.

You could always ask a stranger to take the group photo, but the picture might not turn out right and you might prefer avoiding that interaction altogether. Thankfully, with Groopic, now you can.

Groopic is a new photography app for iPhone that automatically merges two photos together to make sure that nobody is left out of group shots. Here’s a quick intro to the app:

As you can see, you take the photo, swap out with a friend, take a second photo, select the two photographers, and let the app do its thing. The final product is a complete group shot that required no awkward selfie pose or uncomfortable discussion with a stranger.

Groopic was designed by a team at Eyedeus Labs that, between the five of them, have 25+ years experience in computer vision research. All of that experience went into designing a patent-pending photo combining technology that works seamlessly.


There are a few limitations to the app — for instance, you need to stand on the left or right side of the group if you’re the one being merged in or out — but for $1.99 (for a limited time), it’s a cheap way to take more complete group shots.

The app is currently only available for iOS. To get yours or find out more, head over to the iTunes App Store or visit the app’s website here.

(via TechCrunch)