Fuji Discontinues X100, Possibly Bringing X200 Follow Up to Photokina

Now that July is just about over with, only one month and a few weeks separate us from the start of Photokina on September 18th. And as the wait becomes progressively shorter, speculation about who may be announcing what is gradually ramping up. The most recent batch of speculation has to do with Fuji and the fact that the X100 is now showing up as discontinued on Crutchfield, as well as $200 off at both Amazon and B&H.

The X100 was introduced at the last Photokina in 2010 and, according to Photo Rumors, the fact that Fuji has discontinued the X100 less than two months from the 2012 show points to the possible debut of a follow up camera, the X200. There’s not much to do but speculate at this point, but rather than leave it at that we’ll end with a question. If Fuji does, in fact, debut the X200 at Photokina, what improvements over the now-discontinued X100 would you like to see? Let us know in the comments down below.

(via Photo Rumors)