Here’s a Bright Idea: Eco-Friendly Film Canisters

Like single serving coffee pods, film canisters aren't exactly the environment's best friend. One startup over in Italy is trying to change that. Called compagnia-imago, the company is trying to create a high-quality eco-friendly film canister that's biodegradable, compostable, an reusable.

Pictures of Beautiful Old Film Rolls Show Classic Movies in a Whole New Light

'The Unseen Seen' is a project by Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler that captures the beauty of classic cinema in an unconventional way.

By way of his friend Volkmar Ernst, Riedler was able to get access to the old film roll archive of the The Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin. He then photographed a few hundred rolls -- ranging from those of classic movies to ones with interesting titles -- to produce a series of beautiful film roll images that speak volumes about the films themselves.