Photos of the Cuban National Circus

Some people run away to Cuba for the sunshine. Some people run away to Cuba for the rum. And some just run away with the circus.

Candid Photographs of Circus Performers Captured Over the Course of a Decade

For nearly a decade of her life, photographer Norma I. Quintana devoted every summer to a group of people few ever get to capture through a candid lens: circus performers. Every year from 1999 to 2007, every chance she got, she would go spend a couple of days with the one-ring Circus Chimera capturing black-and-white photographs with her medium format camera.

The images she returned with show a side of the circus that most people never get to see, and make up the photo series and now photo book Circus: A Traveling Life.

Big Lights Under the Big-Top: BTS Video of Complex Trapeze Shoot

This behind the scenes video takes a look at a unique advertisement shoot by photographer Tim Tadder. The shoot takes place in a circus big-top and in the video Tadder demonstrates how to handle an incredibly complex shoot that involves a handful of trapeze artists and 15 various lights mounted 42 feet in the air.