Blincam Attaches to Any Glasses, Lets You Take Photos with a Wink

If you thought the idea of taking a picture with the wink of an eye died with Google Glass, think again. A new hopeful product-to-be called Blincam is bringing back the idea: a standalone, handsfree camera that attaches to any pair of glasses and captures photos with a wink.

Samsung Patents a Blink-Triggered Contact Lens Camera

We're getting closer to being able to take pictures with cameras built directly into contact lenses. Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for a smart contact lens that projects images directly into the wearer's eyeball... and which has a built-in camera that's controlled by blinking.

Brothers Printer Ads Creatively Blend Stop Motion with Time Lapse

Here are a couple new commercials for Brothers printers that blend stop-motion and time-lapse photography in pretty interesting ways with real people. We love how the technique makes the people look like claymation figures walking around in miniature sets. The foreground is done in stop-motion while time-lapse photography provided the scenes shown in the animated paper.

It would have been crazy if they had actually printed out each individual paper of the scene on the wall.