Jared Polin is Crowdfunding a 256-Page Bernie Sanders Photo Book

In 2019, photographer and YouTuber Jared Polin -- also known as FroKnowsPhoto -- received an all-access pass for 48 hours in order to document the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. He is seeking backing on Kickstarter for what will feature around 100 photos in a 256-page book.

Bernie vs. Trump: A Portrait Experiment

Mounting frustration with Washington politics has outsider candidates surging in the 2016 election. The obvious examples across the partisan divide are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Although different in substance and tone neither Trump nor Sanders are the image of their party's establishment.

Viral Bernie Sanders Video Irks Photographer Whose Work Inspired It

If you've been following the ongoing presidential race in the US, you may have seen the Bernie Sanders video above that has been going viral over the past 2 weeks. Titled "TOGETHER," it has the tagline: "America should work for all of us. #votetogether."

But one photographer isn't happy about the way his concept and style were used as inspiration for the ad.