Popular Asset Marketplace Artlist Adds AI Voiceover Generator

The image shows the word "Artlist" in bold yellow font on a black background. The letter "A" is stylized as a triangle.

Digital asset platform Artlist just added a new artificial intelligence-power voiceover tool for creators, representing another player in the latest wave of video editing.

As AI technology improves and becomes more accessible to users, more and more editing platforms, whether for photo or video, seem keen on incorporating these tools. Artlist is no exception.

While Artlist is best known for its digital assets, including stock footage, templates, music, plugins, and special effects, the addition of an AI-power voiceover tool gives video editors a new tool in their toolbox. It stands to reason that an editor looking for video clips and music to use in a project may also want to include customizable voiceover audio.

“We’re excited to introduce the AI voiceover generator to our platform,” says Itzik Elbaz, co-founder and co-CEO of Artlist, in a press release. “This new feature will enhance the ability of brands and creators to craft immersive narratives and bring their visions to life with unmatched clarity and emotion. Whether you’re a high-end production company, an in-house creative team, or an emerging content creator, Artlist provides the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive creator economy all in one place.”

The company props up its new asset as “a unique, high-quality voice catalog crafted by top-tier artists,” while emphasizing the efficiency it adds for creators.

“We developed a catalog of exclusive voices with a goal of democratizing access to high-quality narrations, to enable brands and creators to enhance their videos with professional-grade voiceovers,” adds Roee Peled, Chief Product Officer of Artlist. “By leveraging advanced AI and speech synthesis technologies, we can make it easier and more cost-effective for brands and creators to produce engaging voiceovers at scale.”

The new voiceover feature will roll out to Artlist users over the coming days, and those interested can learn more on the company’s website. It’s also included in the Artlist Max plan, which costs $40 a month for individual users when billed annually. The plan also includes music, sound effects, footage that goes up to 8K quality, video templates, plugins, and image & video editing apps. There will also be a standalone plan, though that has not yet appeared on the website as of the time of this writing.

Image credits: Artlist