Proton Brings Photo and Video Backups to iOS

A composite image featuring two smartphones. The left phone displays a small dog running on grass with a code-like background, and the right phone shows three laughing children sitting together with the same code-like background. A padlock icon is in the middle.

Tech privacy company Proton announced new photo and video backup capabilities on iPhones Thursday, giving users a new way to save their memories.

While there are plenty of storage options, par for the course when it comes to online backup options, Proton emphasizes privacy and security specifically.

“Smartphones have made us all amateur photographers. Globally we take over five billion photographs every day,” the company says in its release. “This means photo storage is more crucial than ever. While other cloud storage providers see your photos as just another source of data that can be monitored and monetized, we understand that your photos capture the most precious moments of your life. Whether it’s a family gathering, a beautiful sunset, or a candid smile, we believe these memories deserve to be preserved securely.”

A smartphone screen shows a photo gallery app with various images, including a beach, a dog, and a scenic view. An interface displays "Backup complete," a lock symbol, and an "Encrypting" progress bar. The Apple logo is at the bottom right corner.

To that end, Proton Drive offers end-to-end encryption. Plus, it allows users to automatically sync new photos and video for backup, making them immediately available on the Proton Drive cloud, which can be accessed via browser. Users can also mark certain photos and videos to be available offline, which stores them both on iPhone and in the cloud.

Proton offers a free tier that includes 5GB in storage and end-to-end encryption for those interested in trying out the service. Its Drive Plus, Proton Unlimited, and Proton Family plans offer 200GB, 500GB, and 3TB, respectively. They cost, in order, $5, $13, and $30 a month at the monthly rate, though there are discounts for 12- and 24-month plans. All three paid options also come with version history, and the Proton Unlimited and Proton Family plans bundle the company’s other services, Proton Mail, Calendar, VPN, and Pass (a password manager).

A desktop screen and a mobile phone screen display a photo storage app named Photon Drive. The desktop view shows a file directory on the left and photo thumbnails on the right. The mobile view shows photo thumbnails. A purple synchronization icon floats between both screens.

Proton previously brought photos and video backups to Android users back in December, as Engadget notes. But bringing Apple devices up to speed isn’t all the company has planned. In its release, Proton hinted at additional features users can anticipate down the line.

“We’re continuously working to make Proton Drive a true privacy-protecting alternative to Big Tech’s cloud storage providers,” the company said. “We plan on adding support for albums and automatic categorization, but the next major update will be a new service for Proton Drive.”

Image credits: Proton