Amazon Adds Frightening AI-Generated Men to Movie Poster

A black-and-white image titled "12 Angry Men" featuring twelve men seated around a large oval table in a courtroom setting. Each man appears focused and intense, some with arms crossed or resting on the table. Additional men sit in the background.
The AI-generated movie poster that appeared on Amazon Freevee for 12 Angry Men.

The 1957 movie 12 Angry Men stars, as the title suggests, 12 men who are on a jury together and must decide the fate of a teenager accused of killing his father.

However, Amazon Freevee users scrolling through the platform’s offering may be forgiven for thinking there are more than 12 jury members as a movie poster for the Academy Award-nominated flick shows 19 characters.

Upon closer inspection it is clear that the 19 men aren’t even real; their faces are smudged, their hands have fingers missing, and the proportions are all wrong. Why? They are all AI-generated.

According to Gizmodo, the AI film poster is only on Amazon Freevee service, an ad-supported video streaming service available in the United States. But Freevee licensed 12 Angry Menfrom a third party which also provided the movie poster. It is unclear why an AI-generated image was provided instead of the official poster.

Freevee is now reportedly working on removing the AI-generated movie poster and AV Club notes that the classic movie starring Henry Fonda looks to be the only title with an AI poster attached to it on Freevee.

There was some confusion that the AI poster was on Amazon Prime but it is just the Freevee service that is hosting the offending image.

AI ‘Slop’ is Proliferating

It is becoming increasingly common to stumble across AI-generated images on the internet. Whether it be on Facebook where the bizarre “shrimp Jesus” phenomenon has taken hold or synthetic images in the “style of Ansel Adams” on Adobe Stock.

What is interesting is that behind-the-scenes creatives and producers are using AI tools and not declaring it, in part because of how unpopular AI images are. A report in May detailed how Hollywood has embraced AI but is “scared” to admit it publicly.

“There are tons of people who are using AI, but they can’t admit it publicly because you still need artists for a lot of work and they’re going to turn against you,” said David Stripinis, who has worked on Avatar among other films.