Skating Cameraman Camouflaged in White Captures Ice Hockey Fight

Screenshot of a televised ice hockey game between London and MJ. Two players are engaged in a fight on the ice, with one player in a yellow and green jersey and the other in a red and black jersey. A circular insert shows a close-up of the same fight.

A skating cameraman in camouflage went out onto the ice to film two hockey players fighting during a Memorial Cup game in Canada.

Fighting is actually a regulated part of ice hockey but having a cameraman on skates go out onto the ice and capture dynamic shots of the brawl is highly unusual and might be entirely novel.

The ice skating cameraman was attending a game involving the London Knights and the Moose Jaw Warriors for The Sports Network (TSN) in Canada on Monday night and the camera angles he got were a hit with fans.

Somewhat amusingly, the cameraman was dressed all in white to camouflage himself against the ice. The cameraman might be Nathan Eidse who PetaPixel has previously covered thanks to him becoming a firm fan favorite at ice hockey games.

Of course, cameramen are not supposed to be the ones in the spotlight so Eidse is understandably reticent about his level of fame.

“I really don’t like all the attention,” Eidse told The Athletic last year. “It’s not that I’m against it. It’s just: I’m behind the camera for a reason, right? It’s definitely something that’s not why I got into television.”

Camouflaged cameraman hockey

Fans have even turned up to games dressed in Eidse’s all-white uniform which has led to people nicknaming him “Swannie.”

“The big thing for me is, I don’t want it to be a thing, and a schtick,” Eidse told The Athletic. “There’s been a lot of making fun of it. And I’m just out here to do a job.”

Eidse used to only appear on the ice at the end of games, but TSN started to push the envelope more in 2018, to see what footage could be gathered if he appeared on the ice more regularly during play. To keep him hidden, TSN added to his all-white outfit by covering the white camera cover and white coverings for his skates.

Image credits:TSN