Photographer Sues ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcaster Alex Cooper for Injury on Shoot

photographer sues alex cooper call her daddy podacast

A photographer is suing Call Her Daddy podcaster Alex Cooper after she allegedly injured her back following a confrontation with her team on a shoot.

Photographer Olivia Wolf filed a lawsuit against Cooper and the podcaster’s company Bulldozer Productions in Manhattan Supreme Court.

According to court papers seen by The New York Post, Wolf says she was hired to photograph Cooper at Good Night John Boy Club in Chicago in November.

The photographer describes herself as a “fervent fan and admirer” of Cooper who hosts Call Her Daddy — the most popular podcast in the U.S. after The Joe Rogan Experience.

A ‘Struggle’ Over The Photographer’s Camera

Wolf claims that she introduced herself to Cooper and her entourage as the in-house photographer after they arrived at Good Night John Boy Club around 22:30.

However, according to The New York Post, when it was time to take pictures of the podcaster, the photographer alleges that “a person believed to be a member of Ms. Cooper’s team or entourage, unprovoked, began shouting and yelling at Ms. Wolf.”

“Who the f**k are you?” the man allegedly asked the photographer.

The pair then allegedly shared a tense confrontation that grew physical as they struggled over Wolf’s camera which she claims sent her flying backward onto the ground.

Following the confrontation, the photographer claims that she injured her back. After bringing the incident to Cooper’s attention, the podcaster allegedly ignored Wolf for months.

The photographer is now suing Cooper and Bulldozer Productions over the incident. Wolf is asking a judge to force the company to give her the names of those involved and any information about the event.

Cooper’s attorney Brian Freedman tells The New York Post that the photographer’s allegations are simply an insurance claim.

“Despite the rhetoric, this matter has nothing to do with Alex Cooper personally and is nothing more than an insurance claim which is being handled by the carrier,” Freedman says in a statement.

In July 2021, Cooper signed a three-year deal with Spotify worth $60 million which made her podcast Call Her Daddy available only on the music streaming platform. For the last three years, Call Her Daddy has been ranked as the second most popular podcast on Spotify, finishing behind The Joe Rogan Experience.

Image credits: Header photo via Spotify/Call Her Daddy.