Chimpanzee Drinks from Photographer’s Hands in Mesmerizing Video

Close-up of a chimpanzee with a contemplative expression, showcasing its dark fur, detailed facial features, and expressive eyes against a blurred natural background.

In a delightful video, a chimpanzee and a photographer share an incredible moment as the animal drinks from the person’s hands.

The video, which was posted to Instagram, starts out unbelievably as the chimpanzee takes care with the man’s shirt sleeve. The chimp rinses his hands and tries to pull the sleeve up before the photographer, JC Pieri, unbuttons it, seemingly all to ensure the clothing won’t be damaged, as the photographer describes in text overlaying the video.

“How clever they are?” reads the text on screen.

Once the garment is out of the way, the chimpanzee guides the photographer’s cupped hands into the small stream. Then, the chimp brings the makeshift cup to his mouth for a drink. He repeats this over and over, moving the hands from water to mouth from water to mouth, taking a sip each time.

“The interaction with humans is only generated by their rescue, their learning until their release in a secure site in the natural park of Douala / Edéa, where they find very easily and very quickly their instincts of independence with an established hierarchy, a territoriality. Affirmed,” Pieri’s caption, translated from French, reads.

It’s a spectacular video capturing a rare and intimate moment between wildlife and the photographer who captures it. Peiri, who is based in France, has several years of experience working with clients all over the world. The chimpanzee, according to Pieri’s caption, is Chance, who lives in a chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon run by Papaye International. And it clearly captured notice. In the comments, other Instagram users call the footage beautiful and amazing. One user says their heart is bursting.

“The association works for the rescue, protection and rehabilitation of orphaned chimpanzees, victims of poaching, trafficking, seized and entrusted to the sanctuary by the Cameroonian authorities with which the association has been working in partnership for years,” Pieri’s translated caption explains.

Still, the photographer emphasizes that Chance is a wild animal and not a toy, one in need of care. His post continues by emphasizing the need for humans to help keep animals like Chance safe.

For now, at least, hopefully, Chance’s thirst is sated.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.