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Video: Chimp Steals 360° Camera and GorillaPod


A chimpanzee in Kenya has captured an extended selfie using a 360-degree camera that she stole from a New York Times photojournalist on assignment there.

Photographer Sam Wolson had set up the 360-degree camera on a GorillaPod flexible mini-tripod while shooting footage of chimps at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Perhaps wanting a closeup and 15 minutes of fame, one of the chimps grabbed a stick and pulled the camera over to her side of the fence. She then shot an “extended 360 selfie” of herself and a chimp buddy while investigating the GorillaPod.

Wolson says that he managed to get his camera gear back after about 25 minutes by trading a Fanta soft drink for it.

(via NYTimes via Fstoppers)