Hollyland Pyro Series Heats Up With Powerful Wireless Video Transmitter

Two Hollyland video transmission devices with antennas stand on a black surface against a red and black gradient background. They feature digital screens displaying "4K" and channel information.

Audio company Hollyland debuted its Pyro Series of wireless transmitters at NAB last month, kicking things off with the Pyro H. Now, just over a month later, Hollyland is back with another Pyro product, the Pyro S. This time, the focus is on wireless video transmission rather than audio.

“Pyro S is a groundbreaking addition to the Hollyland Pyro series lineup, which redefines wireless video transmission,” says Hollyland. Pyro S supports HDMI and SDI input/output and can transmit to up to four receivers simultaneously from up to 1,300 feet (400 meters) away (with line of sight). The system promises a low latency of just 50 milliseconds, and it uses auto dual-band hopping (ADH) technology to deliver consistent, reliable transmission.

Hollyland also touts the device’s magnesium alloy design, making it lighter and easier to handle than the competition. The Pyro S is built with dynamic shooting scenarios in mind, including film production and live events.

The Pyro S supports 4K/30p video transmission, and users can swap between Smooth mode or HD mode, depending on their needs and the situation. The former mode prioritizes consistency over quality, while the HD mode opts for a higher bitrate (up to 12 Mbps).

The Pyro S lives alongside the Pyro H wireless audio transmitter and a forthcoming Pyro 7 monitor. The Pyro 7 system offers a seven-inch display, while the Pyro S requires an external monitor to display video.

A wireless video transmitter with three antennas, labeled "HOLLYLAND" on each. The front panel displays a small screen and several buttons, with a 4K label indicating high-definition capability. The device has a black and red design and is set against a black background.

It is worth zeroing in on the transmission technology used in the Pyro Series, as it’s something Hollyland has itself developed. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz auto dual-band hopping wireless tech underpins the entire Pyro series and drives the promised performance.

“With our developed Auto Dual-Band Hopping (ADH) technology, Pyro S operates on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-bands and features intelligent Auto Frequency Hopping, so it can automatically choose the clearest channel. This feature guarantees reliable and uninterrupted wireless video transmission,” Hollyland promises. On a busy set with many devices operating, this auto-frequency hopping feature is vital.

The Hollyland Pyro S doesn’t come cheaply, however. The wireless transmission system, which comprises a wireless transmitter and receiver, is $699. The receiver and transmitter are also available separately for $349. Hollyland hasn’t shared any details on the availability of the Pyro 7 monitor yet, but info should arrive soon.

Image credits: Hollyland