KEH Becomes the Official Camera Gear Provider for the Atlanta Falcons

Logo collaboration featuring a red and black falcon next to the initials "KEH" in a bold orange rectangle, separated by a multiplication symbol.

KEH is making moves to be a more widely known brand as it has agreed with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons to become its Preferred Provider of Camera Gear.

Photography company partnerships with major sports teams aren’t uncommon in the American professional football space — Sony has a relationship with the San Diego Padres and Adobe is a perennial partner of the San Francisco Giants — but dealers or photographer retailers in the space are rarer.

The two companies are both based in Atlanta and the two brands say that KEH’s involvement with the Falcons aligns with the NFL team’s sustainability goals and the Falcons will utilize KEH’s trade-in program, “which allows the organization to responsibly replace current cameras and related digital equipment with new, professional gear to continue to provide world-class sports and entertainment content.”

For its part, KEH’s brand is heavily based on recycling and reuse rather than buying new since its business model is based on pre-owned gear. For the past 45 years, the company says it has been passionate about keeping cameras and relevant gear in use for as long as possible, leading the circular economy by proudly extending the lifecycle of millions of cameras through its buying, selling, trading, and repairing services. The Falcons feel the same way. MBS, the home of the Falcons, became the first sports and entertainment venue to achieve LEED Zero certification in any category which can only be achieved if a venue has achieved LEED Platinum, and the first Stadium worldwide to achieve official TRUE Platinum certification for zero waste. The diverted materials are reduced, reused, recycled, composted, and recovered to curb the Stadium’s overall environmental footprint.

“We’re proud to partner with the Falcons to help the team acquire the right cameras and equipment to capture those in-game moments. Having best-in-class cameras ultimately gives the Falcons’ photo and video crew the tools they want and need to create the digital content that, as fans of the NFL, we love to see,” Noah Treshnell, CEO of KEH, says.

“Providing the Falcons with the best gear at the best price showcases KEH’s extensive reach and capabilities in serving the full spectrum of photographers and creatives. With the Falcons’ trade-in, it’s cool to think that other photographers could be using the same gear that captured highlight-reel-worthy moments from previous seasons.”

“We are proud to partner with KEH, a like-minded, local business that shares our passion for creating visually stunning and compelling content and also aligns with our goals of creating more sustainable solutions for our environment,” says Nana-Yaw Asamoah, chief commercial officer, AMB Sports, and Entertainment. “Our partnership will allow our organizations to grow and thrive both professionally and sustainably.”

Last week, KEH announced that it had expanded its partnership with PetaPixel as its official pre-owned gear partner.