The Xencelabs 4K OLED Pen Display 16 is Light, Bright, and Portable

A digital drawing tablet by xencelabs displayed next to its packaging box which highlights the same vibrant, colorful artwork featured on the tablet’s screen. a stylus is also shown in front.

Xencelabs announced the new Pen Display 16. Available on its own for $999 or as part of a bundle for $1,249, the new ultra-slim and lightweight 4K OLED pen display promises to provide vibrant color, precise pen performance, and exceptional portability.

The tablet is highlighted by a 4K OLED screen in a silent, fan-less aluminum back housing with a high color gamut coverage of 1.07 billion colors (98% Adobe RGB, 98% P3-D65, 99% sRGB, 99% REC 709, 82% REC 2020) and a what the company claims is an “exceptional glare reduction” screen. Xencelabs is releasing the tablet with two different options, on its own or as a bundle which includes the all the cables and accessories included with the stand-alone version, as well as the Mobile Easel, additional power adapters, the display hub and quick keys tool, and several additional cables.

Xencelabs is targeting the new pen display at educators and students in art and design programs as well as professionals in a range of creative jobs such as animation and game development to 3D design and visual effects. The new tablet has been designed with travel in mind thanks to its portable size: it’s 0.47-inches (12mm) thick and weighs 2.67 pounds (1.21 kg).

“The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 is easily transported between work and home,” says Michael Thompson, Head of Product for Xencelabs. “If home is where you work, the display can go wherever creativity takes you – your favorite café or to a client presentation. For users who might have limited desk space or would like to add a conveniently sized pen display to their workflow, look no further than the Xencelabs Pen Display 16. It is the ideal multi-tasking companion to a primary display or work setting where multiple displays are being used.”

The new pen display features what the company calls “Virtual Tablet,” which allows users to control multiple displays with one Xencelabs pen. As such, the company says it is ideally suited for educational purposes.

“Faculty, students and IT personnel will appreciate the limited desk space the unit occupies, as well as the robust styling, easy set up and intuitive driver. Additionally, the product would fit extremely well with student loaner programs, whereby students would be allowed to take the Xencelabs Pen Display 16 from classroom to home and back for assignments, exams, or other projects,” Thompson adds.

A person is working on a digital drawing of a car wheel displayed on a graphics tablet, with design blueprints scattered around the table and a computer in the background.

The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 will connect to any compatible PC, Mac, or Linux device using a single USB-C to USB-C cable, with an optional 10-Bit hub included in the bundle version for users requiring an HDMI or Display Port connection. Also included with the new display bundle is a protective carrying case and the Xencelabs Mobile Easel, an adjustable stand for the pen display that provides two drawing angles (18.3 degrees and 32 degrees, respectively). The Desktop Easel has a standard VESA mount for connecting to articulating arms and has a quick release mechanism to let users switch between desktop usage and mobile/travel environments without the need of screwdrivers or additional tools.

A digital tablet displaying a vibrant abstract artwork, lying on a wavy golden fabric, with a stylus and a remote control alongside. a red logo featuring an abstract black hammer is in the upper right corner.

Like most of the Xencelabs lineup, the Pen Display 16 comes with two pressure-sensitive pens (with 8,192 levels of sensitivity) designed for ergonomic or artistic use, and depending on which version of the tablet you choose, the optional Quick Keys shortcut remote (comes included with the Bundle version) that provides five customizable groups of eight keys for a total of 40 customizable shortcuts per application.

A woman using a stylus on a tablet to edit a colorful abstract artwork, which is also displayed on her laptop screen, in a home office setting.

Pricing and Availability

The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Bundle will be available this May at $1,249 and the Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Essentials, which comes with the Pen Display 16, two pens with case, a USB-C to USB-C cable and carrying case, will be available for $999 by the end of June.