Bit Part Announces Bitbox: A Remote Camera Control That Can Do It All

Bitbox long-range camera controller

Bit Part announced its first product this week: a remote camera control with long range, easy setup, and a sleek design.

Bit Part, a film production connectivity company that launched just over a year ago, announced Bitbox at the annual NAB convention. As mentioned, it’s the first product from Bit Part, so it’s clear the company wanted to make a splash.

“Whether it’s filming in challenging lighting conditions or shooting from atop a large crane, Bitbox’s 915 MHz system can remotely control filters, camera settings, live color grading and more in virtually any environment,” Bit Part says.

Side view of remote camera controller Bitbox.

Bitbox is interference-free and doesn’t require complicated configuration to set up. Instead, users set the camera’s IP to match the desired network, bypassing the need for a mesh network or even a configuration screen. It can also plug into a camera or tablet with USB-C Ethernet support. It can’t be used in Europe for the time being, however.

Bit Part also emphasized the range on the Bitbox, boasting three city blocks in Manhattan (unclear if that refers to long or short blocks in the grid) and an even greater range in less populated areas. It’s also possible to expand the system with more units. One Bitbox is needed to serve as the control center, and users will need another unit per camera. “For example: a one camera setup will need two Bitboxes, a four camera setup will need five Bitboxes,” the website reads.

Remote camera controller Bitbox against a plain background.

“In an industry where precision and speed are must-haves, navigating the complexities of remote camera control has long been one of the biggest obstacles for camera professionals,” Damon Meledones, co-founder of Bit Part, says. “From spectrum overload to closed systems, the challenges are formidable. With its ability to penetrate objects, long range connectivity and instant boot times, Bitbox is making film technicians’ lives easier so they can focus on what truly matters: creating art.”

Remote camera control Bitbox seen at an angle.

It’s made up of black anodized aluminum housing with sustainable plastic buttons and switch elements. Measuring 3.19 x 2.01 x 1.38 inches (81 x 51 x 35 millimeters) and weighing just seven ounces (198 grams), it’s pretty light and compact as well.

Right now, Bit Part is taking $99 deposits to secure customers’ spots in line to purchase the Bitbox. The company will notify those people when it’s time to order and will ship units in the order deposits came in. Bit Part also anticipates a final price point of $1,500. While it’s not clear exactly when it’ll start taking orders (the website says Q2 2024, but that’s already underway), the company said it’s heading into manufacturing and using pre-order figures to determine how many finish quality cases to order.

Image credits: Bit Part