Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals Are Back

Bags and bottles of Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals against a white background.

European analog photographers have cause for celebration today. Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals will once again be able to purchase throughout Europe.

The rebranded Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals will only be available for purchase in Europe. The chemicals will be distributed by Dupli, a United Kingdom-based provider of fine art and photographic print equipment, selected as the official European distributor for Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals. As of now, Dupli is the only place to purchase Kodak chemicals, but it says it is partnering with other distributors to make products available to photo stores and professionals across Europe.

While black and white chemistry is the only option for now, Dupli says that Kodak Color Negative and E-6 Chemistry will be released later this year, so color photographers have something to look forward to as well. There’s no word yet on if or when these might make their way to the US, but hopefully that is also part of the plan.

The good news for European film photographers follows similar news that arrived for Americans last November. Last fall, Michigan-based Photo Systems announced it was bringing Kodak photo chemicals back into production. This announcement came after Sino Promise, the Chinese holding company that previously held the license, left the photo chemical business last April. Photo Systems specializes in legacy processes, so it makes sense that it would take over the production of these chemicals.

At the time of last fall’s announcement, Photo Systems said that it hoped to begin shipping products in the first quarter of 2024. We are just barely beyond that, so things should be moving along. It’s unclear if the new announcement concerning European distribution is related to Photo Systems’ news last year. Photo Systems also said that they would start with black and white chemistry, which is indeed what has happened in Europe.

The newly released chemistry uses the same formulas as the original chemicals but with a new look. The first chemicals to be available are some of Kodak’s most popular black and white offerings, including XTOL, T-MAX, and D-76. Users will also be able to purchase Rapid Selenium Toner, Photo-Flo, HC-110 developer, Hypo Clearing Agent Powder, Dektol Paper Developer Powder, and Kodak’s stop bath concentrate. Essentially, anything a film photographer might need to develop and print photos will be available for purchase.