Leonardo AI Can Now Generate Transparent PNG Images

Leonardo AI transparency tool
The background-less characters I created on Leonardo AI that became instant PNG files that I could drop on this banner image.

Most photographers know the pain of looking for a transparent PNG file or removing the background of an image. Leonardo AI’s new “Transparency” feature may offer a quick fix.

The new tool “easily generates image assets you can instantly use in your image and video compositions without the hassle of removing the background.”

Leonardo AI says that “this is not glorified background removal, it is true native transparent image diffusion. That means partial transparency and super clean edges.”

How to Generate Transparent PNG Images With Leonardo AI

When on the Leonardo AI home page, navigate to “Image Generation.” On the left-hand side is the “Transparency” toggle, ensure that it is turned on.

Leonardo AI operates different models and the company recommends using the transparency feature with Kino XL, Vision XL, and AlbedoBase XL. The various models are found in a drop-down menu just beneath where the user types in a prompt.

Once a prompt has been entered (for example, “a realistic portrait of a photographer”), the image can be clicked on and I found the best way to get a clean PNG was to press “Remove Background” beneath the image which presented me with two versions of the picture: “Original Image” and “No Background”.

Once I downloaded the No Background version, it was a simple PNG that I could easily drop onto my template in Photoshop (which is how I made the header image for this article).

I’m no whizz on Leonardo AI and don’t have access to the “PhotoReal” feature which improves generations (access starts at $10 a month) but I could definitely see this tool coming in useful.

Last month, PetaPixel reported on Leonardo AI’s image upscaler which harnesses the power of generative AI to add not only pixels but extra details as well.

Leonardo AI is a generative AI art platform based in Sydney, Australia that says it has over seven million users and raised $31 million in a pre-seed round from a group of investors.