Wedding Photographer Accused of Not Delivering the Photos

A wedding photographer allegedly scammed several couples — turning up late on the big day, leaving the job early, and sometimes ignoring them forever.

According to a report by WCNC, several brides in Charlotte, North Carolina have accused local wedding photographer Ali Robbins, who owns Alivia Photography of never delivering the photos of the big day.

Some of the brides have reportedly got the police involved over the incidents.

In one alleged example, WCNC reports that Samantha Lem hired Robbins to shoot her wedding day. Initially, the bride said that everything seemed to be running smoothly with the photographer.

However, on her wedding day, Lem claims that Robbins failed to arrive on time and showed up hours late.

“She showed up to our wedding… she did show up two hours late,” Lem tells the news outlet.

The next day, Robbins showed the couple a “sneak peek” of the beautiful shots that she took at the wedding.

However, after that, Robbins allegedly never spoke to them again and never delivered the images. This is despite the fact that the photographer had already shot the wedding and even showed the couple a preview of the images.

“We could not get hold of her. I tried multiple times,” Lem tells WCNC.

“Our photo gallery was due December 16, and we never received it from her.

“We are also supposed to receive the wedding video from her by February 17.”

Lem says she texted and emailed Robbins. However, she claims that Robbins changed her number multiple times and could not get hold of her.

Finally, Lem’s wedding planner got involved and managed to contact Robbins. However, Lem still did not receive the full photo package from Robbins.

‘Showed Up Late, and Left Early’

According to WCNC, Lem reached out to the police at this point and filed an incident report. Lem also shared her experience with Robbins on social media and discovered that other brides allegedly had similar encounters with the wedding photographer.

WCNC reports that Harley Davis was one of the other brides who hired Robbins to shoot her wedding in 2017. Although Harley eventually received the photos, she says she had other grievances with the wedding photographer.

Similarly, Robbin allegedly showed up to the wedding hours late — and then left the job two hours early at 16:00.

“She did finally show up at the venue at 13:00. when she was supposed to be there at 09:00,” Davies tells the news outlet.

“She left right at about 16:00. She came up and said ‘I have to go.'”

According to the contract Davis signed, if Robbins had to leave, a photographer of the same skill would replace her.

However, Davis claims no photographer replaced her and Robins did not issue a refund. Robbins told her she would gift a lifetime free booking for the mishap.

Eventually, Davis and Robbins reconnected in a parking lot so the bride could get the photos from her.

“She handed me a $50 gift card and said ‘Sorry, but I will not be giving you lifetime free sessions because I’ve heard you’ve been telling everyone what happened,'” Davis explains.

“I don’t like that you’ve been spreading that around.”

WCNC says they attempted to reach out to Robbins multiple times on the phone as well as other social media platforms. However, she did not respond for comment.

Image credits: Feature photo licensed via Depositphotos.