Brooklyn Film Camera’s Instant Optics Add Creative Flair to Your Polaroid

Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics

Brooklyn Film Camera announced a line of new screw-on prisms called Instant Optics that are designed for Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras and give photographers a way to creatively jazz up their instant photos.

The company, based in Brooklyn, New York, announced a set of five different prisms that fit neatly onto specific Polaroid cameras and dramatically alter the look of photos captured through them. As reported by Kosmo Foto, the lenses are finally available after two years of research and development.

“Our prism lenses are made of optical-grade glass and are seated on articulating metal rings that allow rotation after being securely mounted, granting you precision control of the effect,” Brooklyn Film Camera says. “[They are] a high-quality photographic tool to last you a lifetime of use.”

Brooklyn Film Camera calls the set an “ecosystem” of lenses that open up “profound new works” of photographic possibilities.

“This marks the first time that high-quality glass optics have been manufactured specifically for the Polaroid ecosystem in over 40 years,” the company adds.

Brooklyn Film Camera offers a kaleidoscope, split, diamond, vortex, and linear filter, each offering a different result. The kaleidoscope prism mimics the mosaic look of kaleidoscopes that changes depending on the photographer’s distance from a subject. The split prism creates blurry refractions on two sides while the center of the frame remains in focus. The diamond prism splits the image into five images that, like the kaleidoscope, change depending on the distance to the subject. The vortex prism allows photographers to frame their subject with a circular halo effect which keeps the center clear but blurs the background. Finally, the linear prism creates geometric effects.

Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics
Shot with the Diamond Prism
Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics
Shot with the Kaleidoscope Prism
Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics
Shot with the Linear Prism
Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics
Shot with the Split Prism
Brooklyn Film Camera Instant Optics
Shot with the Vortex Prism

All of the prisms can be rotated after being securely mounted, giving photographers control of how the effects appear. Each of the company’s Instant Optics filters is priced at $30 and can be ordered online or picked up in-person at Brooklyn Film Camera’s brick and mortar location in New York.

Image credits: Brooklyn Film Camera