This Formal Black Suit is Designed Specifically for Photographers

Unix Shooting Suit

Wedding and event photographers can feel out of place if they’re not dressed for the occasion. However, typical suits aren’t built with photography in mind. Enter Unix Tokyo’s Shooting Suit for photographers, available now at major Japanese camera store Bic Camera.

“Are you having trouble photographing your wedding?” Unix Tokyo asks, citing the need for formal attire that typically lacks storage capacity, especially for women. Traditional suits are also not flexible. “What I always felt was that the suit seemed difficult to move around in,” the designer continues.

Unix Shooting Suit

Unix, which designs and makes uniforms for many businesses, worked with a veteran wedding photographer to design the Shooting Suit, focusing on comfort, mobility, and helpful storage for accessories and extra lenses.

Unix Shooting Suit

The suit jacket is suitable for formal occasions and is built using Solotex, a four-way stretchable material that “takes into account the movement of the photographer.”

The main side pocket is deep enough for carrying lenses and includes a lens cloth for cleaning optics. It also includes silicone buttons, ensuring that the lens isn’t scratched. Large internal pockets are suitable for safely storing memory cards and other thin items.

Unix Shooting Suit
Gussets on the sides ensure comfort when raising and lowering arms, which a photographer is likely to do repeatedly and often.

As for the pants, they include a typical formal style and tapered silhouette. They also include rubber on the back for “easy movement and comfort.” It is unclear what “rubber” means in the translation, but presumably, the waistband is stretchy and flexible.

While some suits, especially wool ones, require professional cleaning, Unix says that its photography suit can be washed at home and will air dry in as little as six hours.

Unix Shooting Suit

A pop-up event at Bic Camera started this week and will run through March 31. Unix also sells the Shooting Suit through its online store. ( The jacket, available for men and women, is ¥37,400, which is $255 at current exchange rates. The pants are ¥20,900 ($142). These items are not cheap but perhaps are well worth it for photographers who struggle to work in traditional formal attire.

Unix Shooting Suit
Credit: Bic Camera

Not everybody is on board, however. Digital Camera World‘s Hannah Rooke says a black suit has never made her so angry, calling it “one of the worst products I’ve ever seen.”

Those who see Unix’s new Shooting Suit and find themselves intrigued more than infuriated can view complete details on Unix’s website.

Image credits: Unix Tokyo