Wedding Photographers Praised for Their Stunning, Alternative Images


A pair of wedding photographers have been applauded for their incredible, non-traditional pictures of a couple’s big day.

Bianca and Pastrami Thompson are the husband-and-wife team behind Oak and Iron Photography which is based in Florida, U.S.

A couple embraces under a blue metal bridge. Two vintage red cars with white accents move past them, creating a motion blur effect. The background features a clear sky and glimpses of tall buildings.

A romantic double exposure image of a couple touching foreheads and gazing into each other's eyes. The background features abstract reddish and yellowish textures blending with a clear blue sky, adding an artistic and dreamy effect to the scene.

Bianca and Pastrami have been running Oak and Iron Photography for the last eight years. The couple, who are both photographers, specialize in alternative wedding and lifestyle portraiture.

‘You Didn’t Hire The Wedding Photographer Your Mom Picked’

Last year, Bianca and Pastrami shot a couple for their wedding in Hell n Blazes brewery in downtown Melbourne, Florida, and shared their stunning of the big day in a viral TikTok video.

Black and white photo of two people in white suits standing under a bridge. The bridge columns are decorated with various artistic designs, and the ground is obscured by mist or a foggy effect. The overhead beams add strong linear perspective to the image.

A black and white image depicts a double exposure. The large image of a person in a formal suit overlaps with a smaller figure of a person standing in the middle holding flowers. The setting appears to be under a bridge or an overpass.

The TikTok video, which amassed 5.6 million views, featured a selection of Bianca’s and Pastrami’s alternative portraiture of the couple’s nupitals alongside the caption “POV: You didn’t hire the wedding photographer your mom picked out.”

Social media praised the photographers’ unconventional style, dubbing the images: “the coolest wedding photos ever.”

@pastramionrye We photographed the raddest wedding in downtown Melbourne. And we actually got to do more than 25 minutes of portraits! Cant wait to share more from this day! #photography #photographer #weddingphotographer #downtownwedding #alternativephotography #floridaweddingphotographer #portraitphotography ♬ Digital Silence – Peter McPoland

“Well, we aren’t in the market of exclusively excluding moms!” Bianca and Pastrami tell PetaPixel.

“But we do make sure to let our clients know that they can expect to see more non-traditional portraits.

“In our typical wedding day coverage though, we are still getting what we like to call the ‘wall hangers’ in terms of traditional portraits with the family, details, and tons of candids throughout the day on top of the more alternative and surreal portraits we love creating with the couple.

“We do love incorporating the surreal or alternative approach to every aspect of the wedding throughout the day and since there’s two of us, we can easily get both styles.

“What we mean when we say to ignore moms, is that we’ve seen too many of our couples let the opinions of others influence their wedding days, so we always encourage our clients to do the wedding day they want!”

‘We Wanted to Provide Something We Weren’t Seeing in The Wedding Industry’

Bianca and Pastrami say they never expected that the wedding photos would go so viral on TikTok.

“We’ve been working the social media game for a while now and have had some things get a lot of views in the past, but never to this level,” the photographers explain.

“Our intention for our social media was to create a solid community of supporters, lovers of photography, and future or current clients that dig what we produce.

“We wanted to provide something we weren’t seeing in the wedding industry and feel like our audience on socials have been dying for something new when it comes to wedding photography.”

More of Bianca’s and Pastrami’s work can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Oak and Iron Photography’s website.

Image credits: All photos by Oak and Iron Photography.