Qysea’s Underwater Camera Robots Can Now Track and Follow Divers

Qysea has a new update for its Fifish underwater drones that allows them to track and follow divers underwater, similar to how aerial drones are able to follow and track moving subjects on the ground.

Called the AI Diver Tracking Function, Qysea — makers of the FiFish line of underwater drones — says it is the world’s first technology that applies AI for underwater robot diver tracking.

The feature builds on Qysea’s AI-powered image filtering algorithm with what it calls advanced visual recognition technology. The company says it is able to identify a diver’s movements, conduct real-time automatic analysis, and achieve precise underwater visual tracking and monitoring.

The system has three noted use cases. First, it offers a single-person mode that allows Qysea’s Fifish robots to track a single diver from a number of angles including side, rear, top, and bottom in various poses, all while adapting to different underwater environments.

Qysea underwater tracking

Second, the tracking system is able to accommodate multiple divers. As a group disperses, the underwater drone is able to pull back for clear visibility on all the subjects. When used during synchronized swimming, Qysea says its Fifish drones can follow from behind, lead from the front, or capture side views of the group.

Qysea underwater tracking

Finally, the AI Diver Tracking feature supports real-time monitoring, which synchronizes underwater and surface views via the company’s mobile app.

“AI Diver Tracking ensures continuous monitoring of divers in underwater engineering, providing real-time updates on their measurements. Enhancing life safety in challenging underwater environments, it synchronizes footage for onshore personnel. During underwater conservation efforts, AI Diver Tracking locks onto multiple divers, offering stable tracking and support for initiatives like marine debris cleanup. Focusing on rescue personnel, AI Diver Tracking ensures real-time follow-ups, confirms search and rescue situations, and enhances overall efficiency by transmitting underwater information to onshore personnel,” Qysea says.

Qysea underwater tracking

“In free diving underwater competitions, AI Diver Tracking captures participants’ rapid ascents and descents, ensuring their safety and enabling live event broadcasting. In AI Diver Tracking mode, the Fifish Underwater Robot becomes the perfect companion, capturing diverse angles and poses to follow and record the diver’s movements, creating memorable moments.”

Access to AI Diver Tracking is available for all Fifish underwater robots starting today via the company’s mobile app.