Politician Caught Stealing Food Photos

Mayra Flores food fraud

A Texas politician has found herself in hot water after it was revealed that she’s been posting images of food to her social media accounts that she did not create.

As reported by Current Revolt, Mayra Flores has posted numerous photos that she passed off as her own, though they were stolen from multiple Facebook pages.

The post that started it all was a photo of food cooking over a fire, which Flores captioned, “the Ranch life with family is the best.” She added a comment on the post claiming that it was gorditas de masa.

However, an X user noticed that the same photo had been posted to a “Visit Guyana” Facebook page in March 2022. The food in the photograph is thus not Mexican food. So not only did she steal the photo from another source and claim it as her own, but it didn’t even contain the food that she mentioned in her comment.

Mayra Flores
A screenshot of one of the offending posts on X (formerly Twitter). The post has since been removed. The screenshot was preserved by Current Revolt.

It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident. But unfortunately, as discovered in an investigation by the conservative website Current Revolt, it was not. Flores has shared many photos over the past few years of food that she claimed to have made, but the photos were stolen from various Facebook pages.

Ironically, she shared one photo of tortillas and eggs on a stove with the caption, “As a proud Latina who knows how to cook, homemade Mexican food tastes better from a gas stove.” The photo in question originally came from a 2021 post from the Izabal Magazine Facebook page. And it appears that the food was actually cooked over a wood stove.

The Independent reported that Flores was quick to apologize, stating, “The photo simply reminded me of my upbringing in Mexico and childhood. I deleted the tweet to clear up any confusion. I actually spend my Christmas at ranch with my in-laws. Happy New Year!” She didn’t mention which photo she was referring to, but it appears that almost all of the food photos on her social media accounts have since been deleted.

Image credits: Header image created using Flores’ congressional portrait and a screenshot from X.