Sisu’s Big Rolling Battery Box Can Power Remote Productions for 8 Hours

Sisu Cinematic Robots created a mobile power solution called the Battery Box that is capable of powering a full remote production — complete with robotics and lighting — for eight hours.

The Battery Box is exactly what it sounds like: a large rolling box that is filled with batteries and the inputs necessary to run a remote production. It features four standard wall plugs armed with two USB-A and two USB-C ports, three 230VAC 10 A 60Hz plugs, an AC charging input, and a pair of 400VAC 20A 60Hz plugs that are designed to be used with Sisu’s robotics. All of this is managed via an LCD display that lets teams know exactly what is going on inside the box and provides information like remaining battery life in both a percentage and estimated time remaining based on what is plugged in. The whole system also has separate breakers for each set of plugs.

SISU battery box inputs

“Sisu’s Battery Box offers filmmakers unparalleled ease-of-use in the studio, eliminating the complexity of dealing with varying transformers, voltages, and plugs for each project. By simply plugging the battery box into wall power, the Battery Box can sustain a robot arm indefinitely while concurrently trickle-charging the batteries,” Sisu says, describing additional benefits to the box besides remote productions.

“Additionally, this innovation liberates filmmakers to operate motion control robots on location for over eight hours without being tethered to power sources. Featuring spare 120V circuits, true sine wave AC, heavy-duty casters, and more, this portable marvel elevates the realm of cinema robotics, establishing a new benchmark for simplicity and user-friendly operation. So, whether in a garage studio, a Hollywood lot, or even a national park, filmmakers can have peace of mind that power is taken care of.”

While it is designed to work in tandem with the company’s robotics products, the Battery Box features all of the inputs any production would use regardless of their equipment. Sisu claims a fully charged Battery Box has enough juice to power an off-the-grid production for at least eight hours, but doesn’t say exactly how that is calculated.

The Battery Box’s capacity is 5,100kWh and it can sustain 8,700kVA of continuous output (which decreases by 10% as ambient temperatures approach 35 degrees Celsius) and has a peak output of 15.6kVA. The Battery Box is rated for operation between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

SISU Battery Box

The 595 pound behemoth measures 34.3 inches long by 21.1 inches wide by 39.5 inches tall. When operating but not charging, the Battery Box produces a slight hum at less than 25 decibels. When charging, that increases to 55 decibels — so it’s not silent.

Sisu doesn’t say how much it will cost to buy one in its press materials or on its website. Suffice to say, it’s probably not a little.

Image credits: Sisu