Behind the Scenes of How Kodak Film is Made

Curious how Kodak manufactures its film? In this 8-minute video, Studio C-41 shows the process from making the original giant rolls of plastic that eventually becomes film, to the finished product found on store shelves around the world.

From Film to Makeup: The Creative Shift that Helped Save Fujifilm

10 years ago, Fujifilm did something... strange. They started making cosmetics. But looking back now, not only does the decision make total scientific sense for a film company, it may have been one of the major reasons Fujifilm was able to survive the digital revolution.

Cleaning a Precision Coating Machine to Start Making Camera Film Again

In 2013, we reported that the Italian film company Ferrania was planning to reboot its production of analog film. The next year, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign and ended up raising over $300,000 to bring film back.

Now that the company is working to restart operations, it has been posting regular progress updates on its website. The most recent "dispatch" shows how the company is cleaning a precision film coating machine to prepare for production.