Luminar Neo’s GenExpand AI Tool Allows Users to Extend Their Photos

Skylum, the maker of photo editing software Luminar Neo, has released GenExpand AI, its third and final generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool of the year, which allows users to effortlessly change the aspect ratios of images beyond the original composition.

According to the company, the new GenExpand tool will intuitively extend their images “whether they are creating panoramic landscapes for vast mountain ranges, and serene lakes, or want to give their favorite images more breathing room to stand out against a beautifully balanced background.”

The company says its goal with this addition to Luminar Neo is to allow users to “break free” from traditional aspect ratios and give them the power to expand their images to add a “new dimension” to the original compositions. With this new extension, users can quickly correct any composition issues during the retouching and culling phase of their workflow, allowing them to expand the frame, refine proportions, and ensure every element aligns appropriately with the image.

With portraits, using GenExpand will help users focus on and highlight the subject while maintaining a pleasing and non-distracting composition. GenExpand can give the subject more space and help them stand out more prominently against an extended and balanced background, which improves the overall visual impact. The company says the new tool can enhance or even create vast panoramic images.

According to Skylum, to achieve the best possible results from the tool, users should keep regenerating results by pressing the expand button until they are satisfied. In its current release, the company says there is a possible memory leak while exiting the GenExpand tool, but a complete list of known issues will be available on the company website.

The GenExpand update comes on the heels of Skylum announcing that Luminar Neo is going to a subscription-heavy model in 2024. While customers will still be able to use Luminar Neo with a lifetime license, access to the new generative AI tools requires a subscription.

“In 2024, Skylum aims to offer Luminar Neo users greater access to innovative photo editing features and generative technologies. To achieve this, we are simplifying our offering by focusing on the Pro subscription, providing worry-free access to every new feature and update release. As part of this transition, Skylum will stop offering add-on purchase options such as separate Extensions and Extensions Packs from December 26, 2023, and the 2023/24 Creative Journey Pass from January 5, 2024,” explains Skylum.

The company adds that existing Creative Journey Pass Holders will get four months of additional access to generative AI features for free until December 31, 2024, regardless of when they purchase the pass.

Additional information concerning the imminent changes to Luminar Neo is available on Skylum’s website.

GenExpand will be available in Luminar Neo today, December 14, 2023, and can be downloaded on the Microsoft Store, the Apple macOS App Store and the official Skylum website. Complete details concerning Skylum Luminar Neo pricing and subscription plans are available on Skylum’s website.

Image credits: Skylum