Instagram to Let Users Share Short Video Status Updates

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Instagram will let users share video statuses via its Notes feature.

Instagram’s Notes features already lets users post “statuses” similar to the AOL Instant Messenger days or even early Facebook. Since the photo- and video-based social media app rolled out Notes, it has only allowed text and emoji messages of up to 60 characters.

The new videos are limited to only a mere two-second loop, according to The Verge, which PetaPixel confirmed. Interestingly, these videos can only be taken via a front-facing camera as well, according TechCrunch. This also means no sharing any videos previously taken either.

Three Instagram screenshots show how to post a video Note.

Notes will also get support for photos, audio messages, stickers, and GIF replies. Replies can also be sent to Notes, which appear as a DM, similar to reactions to Instagram Stories already. To reply, users simply tap the note. This can be text-based or they can tap either the camera, microphone, or sticker icon for a different kind of response.

Instagram rolled out Notes almost a year ago exactly, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact on the social media app. These statuses are only visible to mutuals, meaning both accounts follow each other, and to people users haven’t put in their “Close Friends” lists. People can already choose to make Stories or posts visible to Close Friends only. Perhaps that’s why Instagram is trying to make Notes more appealing.

Three Instagram screenshots show how to reply to Notes.

Also like Stories, Notes status only show up for 24 hours. However, not everyone actually has access to the Notes feature yet. Several PetaPixel staffers didn’t have the option to create a Note. If one does have the feature, the option will appear in their Inbox. From there, users with access to Notes will see a row of others with statuses up and their own profile picture, which lets them create a Note for themselves.

Notes was seen as a possible X, formerly Twitter, alternative when it launched, as TechCrunch notes. But parent company Meta has since launched Threads, its more direct response to the competing social media app. Between Threads and Instagram Stories, Notes seems to be in a strange place, especially as it doesn’t seem to have left the testing stage. It will be curious to see whether Instagram gives Notes a formal roll-out or if it scraps the idea entirely.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.