Instagram Reveals Top Trends That Gen Z Will Drive in 2024

instagram trend talk 2024

Instagram revealed the top trends that Generation Z users will be driving on the photo app in 2024.

Today, Instagram unveiled the “2024 Instagram Trend Talk” which shares the results of a sweeping survey looking at Generation Z trends across the U.S., U.K., Brazil, India, and South Korea.

Instagram’s Trend Talk, which was conducted in partnership with WGSN, asked younger Instagram users about topics, issues, and trends that matter to the young generation. The extensive survey identified what Instagram users can expect to see all over the platform in 2024 and what will drive global culture in the year ahead — from social media, fashion, and dating, to friendships.

The report also offered insight into Generation Z’s online behavior and attitudes to social media.

Photo Dumps and DMs

According to Instagram’s Trend Talk, Generation Z is all about prioritizing meaningful connections in 2024, with the generation planning to use social media to keep up with their friends and family. A close second was to stay on top of trends such as fashion, music, and tech.

When Generation Z respondents were asked about how they use their Instagram to get closer to someone, the top ways were liking someone’s story, sending reels or memes in DMs, and liking a post on their feed.

Meanwhile, the top ways Generation Z flirt with their crush on Instagram include liking someone’s story, putting someone on their story or photo dump, or adding someone to their Close Friends list.

According to the survey, younger Instagram users are regularly DMing celebrities on the platform. The majority of Generation Z respondents reported that they have done so personally as sending a DM is what they consider to be the best way for them to show their support and appreciation.

Instagram’s Trend Talk also suggested that internet “fan armies” and “stan” accounts are here to stay, with 75% of Generation Z respondents belonging to a fandom online. The top fandoms globally are related to TV shows, anime, musicians, and video games.

Bad Taste in Memes is an ‘Ick’

Instagram also asked Generation Z what their top “icks” — or turn-offs — are in a person. As well as habits like “chewing with their mouth open” and “using a baby voice,” the top five icks across all countries surveyed included certain online habits.

Younger users said that “bad taste in memes” as well as seeing a person “follow their ex” on Instagram would be major icks for them.

According to Instagram’s Trend Talk, Generation Z will take action on the issues most important to them through in 2024 including “educating yourself/others,” “voting,” and “using social media to spread awareness.”

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Image credits: Instagram.