NFL Strips Photographer’s Credentials for Helping Film Backflip Celebration Selfie

Cameraman passes NFL player his phone for celebration

An NFL photographer and content creator had his media credentials suspended for his part in the Tyreek Hill backflip selfie celebration video.

Kevin Fitzgibbons, 20, was hired in 2022 to cover Miami Dolphins’ home games which he continued into the 2023 regular season. He describes it as a “dream job.”

But, during a Dolphins game against the Carolina Panthers in October, Hill scored a touchdown and grabbed a phone from Fitzgibbons before performing a backflip while filming a selfie video.

The awesome POV video was posted to the NFL UK’s socail media page before being deleted just minutes later. It is likely the NFL deleted the selfie video as Hill had violated the league’s celebration rules about external props and the Dolphins’ wide receiver got a penalty for the celebration.

“You know, I seen the camera and I just took it from him and he didn’t want me to take it from him,” explained Hill when asked about it after the game. “That’s my boy Kfitz man.”

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), Fitzgibbons explains that he and Hill have been friends for some time and perhaps their camaraderie led to his expulsion.

“The NFL let me know that I would be suspended for the remainder of the season and possibly for good,” says Fitzgibbons.

“They said regardless if I knew the celebration was coming or not, I still had to be disciplined and I shouldn’t have jumped on the sidelines after the play.

“One of the best moments of my life turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

“I get why the NFL had to make this decision and wish I could have done something to prevent it but I’m thankful for the memory that Tyreek gave me.

“This was the greatest job in the world and I never took a day for granted, I can’t thank the NFL enough for the opportunity.

“Whether it’s back with the NFL or starting a new sport, I just hope I get another chance of doing what I love.”

The video has been viewed more than six million times with the overwhelming majority sympathizing with the young cameraman.

“What is the good that comes from a decision like this?” Asks one X user. While many called the NFL the “No fun league.”

A petition on has been created to “Reinstate Kfitz as the NFL videographer at Hard Rock stadium.”

PetaPixel reached out to the NFL for comment, but the organization did not respond by publication time.