This Website Lets You Watch Sunsets From All Across The World

Viewers could get to see a dramatic live sunset like this one.

A new website allows viewers to tune in and watch the sun setting in different parts of the world at any time of the day.

Michael Turvey came up with the novel website called “Eternal Sunset” which generates non-stop twilight hours for people to enjoy.

Utilizing live webcams across the globe that broadcast on YouTube, viewers can see the sun setting on the Dubai Marina, St. Petersburg in Russia, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

As any photographer knows, there is no guarantee of an amazing sunset with a number of factors possibly affecting the quality of the golden hour.

“Sunsets start earlier and last longer the further from the equator you are, ” Turvey writes on the website he created.

“They look different depending on the air quality, humidity, and various other factors. Sometimes, it’s too cloudy to see any sunset.”

There is no guarantee of a good sunset but that’s not the only problem visitors to the website might have.

“There are two big gaps in coverage. One is between Hawaii and New Zealand. This area is mostly Pacific Ocean and the islands there do not have any live cameras that I trust are current,” says Turvey who has clearly done his research.

“The other is the longitude covering Iran, the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, and the Ural mountains. Most of this area is very empty and Iran is not very internet friendly.”

Users can also submit a livestream of a sunset they think the website should be showing with Turvey leaving a way of contacting him.

“Oh wow! I love that you specify where each one is, with a Google Maps link. Great job!” writes one happy Redditor about Eternal Sunsets.

“This is really cool, the mix of resorts and railroad stations is an interesting juxtaposition,” says another.

Turvey jokes that “This project would not have been possible without the diligence of train nerds.”

Slow TV and livestreaming is a quiet phenomenon; last month Netflix quietly launched an intriguing new show entitled Baby Animal Cam: A weekly live show streamed from cameras placed inside Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.