Skylum’s Luminar Adventures Include Six Global Photography Excursions

Skylum, the makers of Luminar Neo photo editing software, announced an expansion for its Luminar Adventures project by adding six new destinations over the next year.

Luminar Adventures was started in 2019 by Skyulm in an effort to deliver an exciting and educational travel experience for explorers and photographers of all levels to enjoy. According to the company, the goal is to provide an extraordinary journey where attendees will uncover the world’s wonders through their lens, find camaraderie among a creative community, and hone their craft with advice from the team of experts that include photographers and educators Albert Dros, Isabella Tabacchi, and Lurie Belegurschi (with more to be added down the line).

The new destinations and dates added to the Luminar Adventures Tour will include the following:

The adventures include accommodations for the duration of the adventure (number of nights vary based on the destination), meals and beverages, welcome kits from the Luminar team (and partners), transportation to and from the tour locations, educational lectures and training from the instructors attached to each destination, as well as some additional bonus activities (like reception dinners, private charter boats, bus rides, hikes, and more) which are dependent on the specific destination.

“We are thrilled to ignite the spirit of adventure, connect with passionate photo enthusiasts, and explore new destinations together, crafting a unique photographic experience. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from our past expeditions to Iceland, we’ve expanded our list of destinations to include space for more adventure-seekers and explore more corners of our Planet together. Luminar Adventures is more than just a tour — it’s a shared journey that brings together a community with the same passions and values, cultivating lasting memories along the way,” Ivan Kutanin, the CEO of Skylum, says.

The cost of the trips vary based on the location and range from $3,500 to $18,500. Those interested in attending any of the upcoming adventures can find destination specific information and book their trips on the official Luminar Adventures website.

Image credits: Skylum