‘Sexy’ Black Bear Puts on a Show for Trail Camera While Scratching its Back

A trail camera captured a “sexy” black bear dancing provocatively as it scratched its back in Ontario, Canada.

Tom McClelland, who goes by @trailcam_tom on Instagram, captured the amusing footage and posted it with the caption: “Sexy black bear working the stripper pole.”

McClelland tells Storyful he regularly films wildlife activity and has “tons of trail camera success.” But adds he was particularly entertained by this particular bear due to its moves.

In the video, the bear holds its arms aloft while swinging its hips from side to side as it relieves an itch on its bottom. It appears to enjoy the scratching session as it repeatedly propels itself up and down the tree.

Yesterday, McClelland posted another video that appears to show the same bear. “Sexy stripper pole bear is back,” he says while adding the 1958 tune The Stripper by David Rose over the video.

“Just a single mom working her way through college,” jokes one person on his page.

It is evidently an action-packed spot: In between the bear pole dancing on its scratching tree, McClelland captured a coyote chasing a group of whitetail deer through the forested area.

McClelland has also captured wolves, bobcats, moose, and foxes from his camera placed in northern Ontario.

The Rise of the Trail Camera

Trail cameras are increasingly ubiquitous, capturing animal behavior rarely observed by the human eye. Earlier this month, PetaPixel reported on the second-ever recording of a wolf killing a beaver.

The footage was captured in Minnesota by a camera set up by the Voyageurs Wolf Project on September 17. Taking to YouTube, the wildlife researchers called it “the absolute trail camera jackpot.”

The relative inexpensiveness and simplicity of setting up a trail camera is appealing, particularly for those who live in rural areas — it is a great way of seeing the wild animals that cohabit in the area they live in.

Image credits: Tom McClelland.