Bride Bans Sister’s Husband From Wedding Photos ‘Just in Case’ They Split

A bride banned her sister's husband from appearing in certain shots in the wedding photographers "just in case" they break up.

A bride banned her sister’s husband from appearing in certain shots in the wedding photos “just in case” they break up.

A woman took to the popular AITAH subreddit to ask whether she was justified in not wanting to attend her sister’s wedding after demand regarding photos of her husband.

“Yesterday, my sister booked her photographer and we were going over other people’s online wedding photos together when she made an odd request,” the Redditor writes

“She insisted we take photos in which my husband specifically does not appear ‘just in case.’. Not girls only, blood only, bridesmaids only — without him, in case we split. I checked.”

‘Had to Stop Myself From Suggesting We Take Photos Without The Groom Then’

The Redditor says that she was stunned by the bride’s request as she and her husband are happily married and they have a child together.

She continues in the post: ‘I was honestly shocked and had to stop myself from suggesting we take photos without the groom then, since divorce seems such a likelihood these days, but it’s completely put me off being there at all.

‘My husband and I have a child together, we’re married, and have never said an unkind word to each other. I see no reason to imply we would ever separate.’

Readers appeared to overwhelmingly side with the Redditor on the issue and said that the bride’s request was “not only rude but deeply insulting.”

“Go ahead and suggest to take pictures without the groom ‘just in case.’ While you’re at it, suggest pictures with your parents separately as well as the in-laws… ‘just in case,'” a Redditor amusingly writes in response.

Another reader jokes that the bride should “take a solo picture of everyone in front of a green screen. Then she can arrange and alter the wedding pictures according to the latest relationship ‘updates.'”

To Remove, or Not to Remove Partners From Wedding Photos

While Redditors were strongly against the bride’s request, the inclusion of particular family members in certain shots can pose a challenge for wedding photographers.

PetaPixel previously reported on a wedding photographer has divided the internet with his “safety shot” which involves removing family members’ partners from a group shot in case they break up in the future. The photographer said that he picked up the “important technique” during a early wedding.

“I politely asked all the partners to leave the shot so I could just get the close family,” he says.

“I got a message from the bride the next day telling me how great things had gone and how she really appreciated all I did including removing her brothers’ girlfriend as they broke it off that night.”

Another wedding photographer recalled how she handled a situation where the bride walked out on the big day and the groom’s mother ordered her to delete any pictures of her.

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